Bat Spotting

Did you know there are up to 5 different species of bat living in the forest? You can see them flitting around after dusk in the summer months, especially close to the river.

Want to hear the sounds a bat makes?

Click here to download and hear an audio clip of 4 Pipistrelles just after they emerged for the evening, foraging for food over the river and among the trees along the river edge during the a hot spell of weather.

Audio: Jerry Sorfleet

Image: CC by-SA 3.0

Common Pipistrelle

The Pipistrelle is the smallest and most common bat found in Britain - it weighs less than a 2 pence coin.

Image: CC BY-SA 2.0

Daubenton's Bat
Myotis daubentonii

You will notice these bats skimming over the surface of the river

Image: BBC Nature

Nyctalus noctula

Britain's largest bat and usually the first to fly in the evening.

Useful Links

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